Products: Finishing

 Fiber Patch

Fiber patch hole reinforcement is the most common type of reinforcement for tags. It will strengthen the hole so wire or string attachments will not pull out easily. We can also add a metal eyelet to the patch hole for the ultimate reinforcement.

Metal Eyelets

Metal eyelets reinforce the hole. We offer three sizes: 3/16”, ¼” and 3/8”. We can put the eyelet in all of these sizes offline which allows us to finish your tag, or we can produce the entire order.


Tag wiring is typically twisted at the hole with two loose ends to allow the user to twist-tie the tag to an item. The most common type of wire is 12” - 26 gauge. Heavier gauge wire such as 23ga. and 21ga. is also available, as well as stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Plastic coated wire is another option we offer.


Tag stringing can be either looped or knotted. Looped allows the two string ends to be loose so the user can tie the tag to an item. Knotted has the two string ends tied together so the user can hang the tag over an item or pull the tag through the loop to attach the tag to the item. Typical use on elastic knotted string would be with a luggage tag that attaches to a bag handle or product hang tags such as bottleneck tags. Knotted string can either be elastic or cotton.


Laminating is a procedure that will seal the tag stock for use in situations requiring the most durable tag. Lamination can either have a glossy or matte finish and is available in 3mil to 10mil.